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September 15, 2007

AM Weigh-In
Weight: 289.8 lbs
Body Fat (Tanita Scale): 40.0%
Waist: 51.5"

Slept in late today, which was nice. Fasted until 6:00 PM and ate a little bit today. At the gym, I did 20 minutes of cardio and some upper body circuit training on machines (shoulder press, bicep curl, tricep pushdown, hammer bench press.) Enjoyed some college football and watched my team get thoroughly destroyed.

Training Log
Upper Body Ciruit Training

Cardio Log
Arc Trainer - 20 Minutes, Manual - 15% Resistance, Level 2 Incline

PM Weigh-In
Weight: N/A
Body Fat (Tanita Scale): N/A
Waist: N/A
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