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Default First Check in.

Week one of OLAD+Metcon experiment nearly complete.

Tomorrow AM is a metcon day. Burpees and pull-ups are on the docket. At this point I am totally smoked. Dan is right, OLAD alone is pretty brutal if you do it right. I'm not even sure I'm doing it right and it's beating me up. Hopefully next week will be better.


As far as dieting while doing this, my take is forget it. All the appetite suppressing goodness that I get from short metcon sessions is out the window and I'm ravenous. Maybe that means it works for fat loss but so far, it's been tougher to control appetite. I'm eating very clean at about 2500 Kcal per day.

Another factor is that I'm using a timer to keep rest at 50-70 seconds max between sets and I'm out of the gym in under an 45 minutes. Also, I've been using a rep range this week that is a little higher than usual for me (sets of 8,6,4). Both these add up to individual sessions that are kind of painful, more like a hypertrophy type of thing.

Monday: Squat day

AM: 12 sets, bar weight goes up each set, OHS, FS, Back squats and 1/4 squats in a wide stance

PM: jump rope, recovery no Metcon, JS band assisted stretching, mobility

Tuesday: Overhead presses

AM 12 sets, same as above
Military, Push press, Push jerk, Jerk, lockouts
PM: jump rope, JS band assited stretching, mobility work. dynamic DB presses light

Wednesday: Metcon:

AM off,
PM. Tabata heavy bag, (knees+ elbows.) 8 minutes total, then jump rope cool down

Thursday: Low pull

AM Deadlifts: 10 sets, same as above: Single leg DL, snatch grip, clean grip,

PM, 3 sets heavy rack pulls from below knee

Friday:High pull

AM none
PM, 12 sets, samesame, DB power cleans from hang, BB Power cleans from hang, hang squat cleans, hi pulls from rack.

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