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Just an update. I've gradually given up on the two meals/day approach in a 12 hrs on/off fashion.
First came the snacks in between and then finally I've re-introduced a 3rd meal. I'm still sometimes just making that one into 1-2 snacks , depending on how low I want to have the calories.
The upside:
- maintenance has gone up to at least 2200 kcal again and when I was gone for the holidays (2 weeks) and ate just whenever it pleased me, I averaged close to 2600 kcal/day in 2 weeks. Without any formal exercise, except (which is funny considering my posts above), 400K driving a day (don't ask ). When I came back there was ZERO weight gain!

The downside:
- I'm missing the ease at which I could cut calories to really low levels, but then again, I no longer need to go as low to have a similar large deficit.

A possible explanation: it is said that catecholamine output goes up during the fasting times. It seems that this is offset by a drop in metabolism from thyroid slowdown. I've just started a regime of Cytomel (T3) last week since my T3-levels were chronically low. I'm just at a small dose of 12.5 mcg now and will build up towards 25mcg (1 tab). Had planned to stay at 6.25 mcg for 1-2 weeks but I tanked too badly in the afternoon = got really cold hands and felt tired.

So, perhaps IF is bad news for people with slow thyroids and not a problem for anyone with a 'normal' thyroid? Or would everyone's metabolism be affected negatively?
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