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Originally Posted by Yvana van den Hork View Post
A possible explanation: it is said that catecholamine output goes up during the fasting times. It seems that this is offset by a drop in metabolism from thyroid slowdown. I've just started a regime of Cytomel (T3) last week since my T3-levels were chronically low. I'm just at a small dose of 12.5 mcg now and will build up towards 25mcg (1 tab). Had planned to stay at 6.25 mcg for 1-2 weeks but I tanked too badly in the afternoon = got really cold hands and felt tired.

So, perhaps IF is bad news for people with slow thyroids and not a problem for anyone with a 'normal' thyroid? Or would everyone's metabolism be affected negatively?
I've been wondering about how metabolism is affected by Keep us posted?
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