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Eva Claire Synkowski
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im sold on the host of health/longevity benefits... i guess i just wouldn't mind that occurring at 170-175 lbs (more from a BW metcon performance standard than anything).

i guess im a little surprised at the increase in weight at 14 blks.... which doesn't seem like that much food. but ill try dialing back the carbs to sub-zone proportions, definitely cutting out some of the nuts/nut butters, and eating a little more ad lib (i.e., don't have to have 14 blks!)

i havent been weighing myself very regularly at all. i started IF in april and weighed myself weekly for the inital 2 months. was 170-175. checked again in july-ish on a couple different scales... was 180. then hadn't weighed myself til last night.... 185. all while body comp has improved.

i guess im also sold the zone w/extra fat + IF is the recipe for mass gain!

thanks for the responses!
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