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Originally Posted by Yvana van den Hork View Post
It's not truly scientific to be changing a lot of factors at once, but I've decided to stop the true fasting over 12 hrs and re-introduce some foods, viz. fruit. I just feel that a true fast over the day doesn't work well for me re fat loss and LBM-maintenance. OTOH, the LBM-loss might be simply water loss which may indicate that I'm having less inflammation problems.

By only adding fruit I'll go in-between a true fast and eating. At least that's how I'm justifying this move.

I'm simply not happy with the drop in maintenance, even though apparently this is a maintenance that is normal for women my age and height (I'm 43 y.o. and 1,59m tall/short) working out every other day but otherwise having a sedentary job with only some walking.

How did you get on with fruit as the middle meal? I only ask as my father in law for years (probably 2 or 3 decades) has consistantly eaten porridge (organic/local) for breakfast, fruit for lunch and a home cooked evening meal. He cycles, kayaks, surfs, goes for LONG walks and is generally the fittest/healthiest 50something year old i know
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