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Originally Posted by Elliot Royce View Post
I read the PM on mass and found it very interesting. I'm just confused about how to apply it.

I had come to CF from a more traditional weightlifting background, and following hip surgery. At this point, I'm pretty well recovered from the surgery and am trying to chart out my fitness and nutrition path for the next year or two. Right now, I'm 225lbs and around 8%BF and have been following initially the Zone and more recently Paleo. Exercise includes ice hockey (2x week), boxing training (1x week), and O lift training with a coach (now around 1x every 2 weeks). I've been vacillating on the WODs, sometimes doing them and sometimes substituting O lifting. I am inflexible and have imbalances (and frequent injuries) and pretty lackluster performance on the WODs. My goals for 2007 are to take my fitness to the next level (at least hit average on the WODs), boost my game in hockey, and continue to build strength and some mass (something like 10-20lbs of muscle).

On Paleo, I've been shedding some fat but maintaining my base weight. It seems like body composition is improving. On the other hand, I'm wondering whether I'm taking in enough calories to benefit maximally from the training I'm doing. Like you say in PM, I tend to eat until I see fat appear around my abs and then get scared and cut back. Is it possible to build mass while taking one's BF down to 5-6%?

My thinking is that I should probably just stick to the WODs for now until I get more flexibility, endurance, and balance, even though your mass gain program sounds tempting. If I do stick to the WODs (and hockey/boxing), what should my caloric intake look like? According to FitDay, I generally burn around 3500 calories per day with no exercise and around 4000 calories with exercise.

If I wanted to gain 1lb every 2 weeks using CF, what should I be eating? And is there some way to minimize the fat? You might say that gaining weight on CF is hard but I think I have a lot of unrealized potential since my pull-ups and squats are so poor.

Thanks for the advice.

I would take some time and deal with injuries and flexibility issues. Buy a foam roller and some tennis balls and start looking for the scar tissue and adhesions that are likely present. Get lean, strong and healthy. Use the CF WOD's to drive tissue remodeling via growth hormone release...perhaps tinker with a little intermittent fasting 1-2 days per week to shore up insulin sensitivity. Hammer your pull-ups. Do this for a month or two and see where you are health wise. Once all the preperatory work is done (GPP anybody?) you will be set to go after the mass gain plan, nutrition and all.

That's my thoughts! Let me know what you think.
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