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I think it IS probably best to stick with the WODs and remedial work for now. I use the foam rollers and do stretching every time I work out but I would probably rank at 99% percentile in terms of inflexibility. The good news is that a dislocation is unlikely; the bad news is that the Tin Man is a yoga superstar compared to me. I've ordered Magnificent Mobility based on the review posted here. But you know, it ain't going to be a month of remedial work, more like several years! I am planning to throw in one ME day per week to get some growth and I do have the O lift training.

I'm still not sure, though, about the nutrition front. Should I continue to allow a calorie deficit and lean up more or will that slow down the muscle growth that would otherwise result from doing the CF stuff that I'm not used to - pullups, squats, etc. ?

Basically my legs, chest and arms have no fat -- you just see veins lying on the surface. Around the waist I have a little fat. Calipers measured me at around 6.% BF two months ago, although I think it's probably more like 8%. I'm just thinking that if I continue to run a calorie deficit it's going to slow down muscle growth. Or is that a fallacy?
Today, for instance, I had around 300 grams of protein on the Paleo diet but still ran a calorie deficit.
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