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Originally Posted by Elliot Royce View Post
Exercise includes ice hockey (2x week), boxing training (1x week), and O lift training with a coach (now around 1x every 2 weeks). I've been vacillating on the WODs, sometimes doing them and sometimes substituting O lifting. I am inflexible and have imbalances (and frequent injuries) and pretty lackluster performance on the WODs. My goals for 2007 are to take my fitness to the next level (at least hit average on the WODs), boost my game in hockey, and continue to build strength and some mass (something like 10-20lbs of muscle).

If I wanted to gain 1lb every 2 weeks using CF, what should I be eating? And is there some way to minimize the fat? You might say that gaining weight on CF is hard but I think I have a lot of unrealized potential since my pullups and squats are so poor.
I know Rob's suggestion is right on....after all you are only as strong as your weakest if you decrease your weak links, your strength and power can only go up.

Of course gaining weight is a matter of increasing muscle size and the ability to hold muscle glycogen. You are doing a ton of you probably need a ton of calories just to break even! I know one hockey game is like 1000cal for me I need to replenish...and my glycogen stores are empty, takes me days to recover fully. With the Oly stuff (not my area of expertise) but I believe it is more ATP than glycolitic if your reps are 1-3 range. For that you could be on a higher fat diet and see great improvements (as Rob can reference this more). CF metcons (depending on what weights are being used) are that mix of oxidative and you can use fat and muscle glycogen as fuels there.

So, in my humble opinion here's some things to try...of course only you know your body and play around and see what happens:

1) You need calories at that schedule. You can start at a Zone approach or at like 1g/lb protein of body weight. Try the 3-5x fat...count the calories, see where you are...and then see how you perform, recover, and gain/lose weight.

2) Try PWO carb/protein loading. I personally like carbs after a tough glycogen depleting workout (rep ranges 6-10, metcons, hockey) for quicker recovery. It can be the typical PWO drink or just a meal in complex carbs and protein only (no fat). Again see how you respond and feel as your insulin sensitivity is specific to you.

3) Fat....fat...fat. Learn to love it. If you are getting 1-1.5g/protein per lb of body weight, that is probably enough. Any more can just get burned up or not even used for muscle repair. Get enough carbs for glycogen replenishment during the day (and that could be different on hockey days vs Oly days). Then use healthy fats for all the other calories. As long as you are getting the amino acids for the muscles, glycogen replenishment, and burning the rest of your metabolic needs from fat calories, then your body doesnt have to break down muscle and use that glycogen and muscle for energy. Hence weight gain.

4)....I'm getting lost in my own thoughts....but keep track of everything and adjust levels...see what happens. Where are you gaining, losing, how are your workouts, are you recovering...etc.

5) Try carb timing. On my training days I try to get 75% of my carbs PWO in the form of complex and some simple carbs. I toy around too see how my body responds...blood sugar drops in the hours after, fat addition on the waist, etc. The rest of the day is more Protein+Veg+Fat. Maybe some Fruit in the AM too. Every day is different, but I usually see good results. Too many carbs at the wrong time just goes right to my waist as I know I have insulin resistance issues...but the PWO timeframe of 1-2hours seems to work well for me in maintaining leanness.

Hope some of this helps....I am rambling probably. Will have to re-read this to see if I made sense...and Rob or others please feel free to add or correct anything I say here. I like to use myself to test things out...see how my body responds....thats all I can do. BTW I was down to 172lbs when I was doing only Crossfit last summer and I didnt like that feeling. Now I have dropped the Metcons to once a week (or go mountain biking or hockey) and have increased to more strength based workouts 3x a week. Now I am back up to 190lbs and about 10% BF. Trying to get to 200+ and 7-8% in the next 12 weeks and I think that is realistic for me.
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