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Well we are now entering our autumn (not that we actually had a summer) and the conditions in which I prefer to run are returning. If I could get the cooler evenings but the sun stayed put until about 9pm then everything would be perfect.

I repeated the route on which I had my arse kicked (ROWIHMAK) over a week ago on my own ... and actually ran it slower by about two minutes. I also used my Garmin Forerunner and it was about half a mile shorter than I'd estimated.

The Forerunner had me running at a pretty slow pace but it is totally inaccurate round here. Warning if you consider buying one.

But I felt much more comfortable rather than being close to spontaneous human combustion, some of the trickier bits of the trail were in almost complete darkness so I had to walk a little to find my way through some undergrowth and I hit my top gear for the home run much earlier.

So, good and bad. But mainly good.

Then I went out on Monday night and did a 3 mile benchmark run and coasted a PB. Thought I was running slowly. That time had stood for about 4 years. And nothing ached afterwards.

Did a 5 minute on, 1 minute off for 30 minutes session yesterday and covered a pretty decent distance.

Lesson: Lots of sprints, circuits, cycling, conditioning stuff etc. do not translate to banging out 10k times with impunity. Build up to it.

I will retest the ROWIHMAK in a few weeks and I WILL eventually knock 10 minutes off my time. And my girlfriend will suffer.
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