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Originally Posted by Kyle Sattgast View Post
What follows is my question, and then my thoughts on the subject. I would love if an informed individual (Robb?) could help me out.

The Question:
Are cholesterol levels really heredity? Or at least to some degree hereditary?

My thoughts:
How do we know? As far as I know cholesterol testing could not have existed for more than maybe 70 years? So has this really been enough time to track cholesterol levels from generation to generation? I have been told my father had high cholesterol and therefore I am likely to have high cholesterol and develop heart disease much like he did (dead from heart attack at 58, may he rest in peace). I would contribute my fathers cholesterol and heart disease to his diet and lifestyle. Perhaps this idea of heredity cholestrol is more of a casual link. I mean if I lived the same lifestyle as my father and ate the foods he did, I would come to the conclusion that I would develop the same conditions.

Perhaps I am off base and this phenomenom is well documented in sources other than pharma ads. Thanks in advanced for any insight. KS.
Serious can-o-worms here! Check out the following:

the cholesterol story is a convoluted and confusing one. Inflammation is where to look for cause of CVD.
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