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Hello everybody,

A friend of mine referred me to this site, saying it's filled with great information regarding fitness and such. I've looked around and this looks like a great place to be.

I'm no stranger to fitness but am still a neophyte in many areas in which I hope to accomplish some of my goals in and am hoping I can learn a lot from everyone here.

I'm 155 lbs. I used to weigh in at 161 but decided to drop weight because I didn't enjoy eating the large quanities of food needed to pack on extra mass. I'd like to spend more time maximizing what I have(change my body composition, more lean mass and greater strength/endurance) and am getting into kettlebells in hopes of accomplishing this goal.

I guess my question is, can you alter your body composition and maintain weight (gain muscle and burn fat simultaneously)? What kind of exercises and diet would go a ways towards this?
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