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I'm 155 lbs. I used to weigh in at 161 but decided to drop weight because I didn't enjoy eating the large quanities of food needed to pack on extra mass. I'd like to spend more time maximizing what I have(change my body composition, more lean mass and greater strength/endurance) and am getting into kettlebells in hopes of accomplishing this goal.
There is nothing magic about KB's in changing body composition, the same principles need to be applied with all different modalities. What other equipment do you have at your disposal? Gym access?

Working on strength and endurance at the same time seem to be goals that are at seperate ends of the spectrum. What type of experience do you have working at these goals? Are we talking limit strength? Power? What type of endurance are you seeking? The ability to run longer...etc?

I guess my question is, can you alter your body composition and maintain weight (gain muscle and burn fat simultaneously)?
Short Answer: =Yes

What kind of exercises and diet would go a ways towards this?
What diets have you tried in the past when bulking up? What diets have you tried period? Successes/failures? What do you do right now?

The exercise question will depend upon what you have available to you as well as your skill level?

Some Questions for you:

Current body comp? Approximately?

How long have you been training? What have you done?
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