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September 26, 2007

AM Weigh-In
Weight: 286.0
Body Fat (Tanita Scale): 43.7%
Waist: 51"

Well the exodus of water and stored glycogen has begun. Not much to report. I think fasting helped prepare me for the lack of solid foods. We'll see how my willpower holds up on Day 10.

Training Log
SLDL - 135x10, 185x8, 225x6, 275x4, 275x4, 275x4
Hammer Grip Bar Cable Lat Pull - 150x10, 165x8, 180x6, 195x4, 195x4, 195x4, 210x4
Hammer Rows - 180x10, 230x8, 270x6, 270x6, 270x6, 270x6
Pec Deck Rear Delt Fly - 95x6, 110x4, 110x4, 110x4
Smith Machine Behind The Back Shrugs - 225x8, 225x8, 225x8, 275x4, 275x4
Reverse Hyperextension - Bodyweightx8

Cardio Log
5:00 AM Outdoors Walk - 30 Minutes

PM Weigh-In
Weight: 286.4
Body Fat (Tanita Scale): 33.8%
Waist: 51"
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