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Nathan Stanley
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I'm finding that out... I've just been trying to eat a fairly paleo diet so far. I do admit that I've eaten some ice cream, had a beer or two and continued to lean. I lost another inch off of my waist since I stopped the V-Diet and started IF. I've also lost a lbs despite taking in almost 1000 kcals more per day.

A quick update, I tried again to keep track of what I ate, as well as upping my carbs to a zone ratio, keep the fat down a bit and keep the protein about the same. I failed again. Its tough to eat enough carbs w/out resorting to non-paleo sources. I did bring the fat down some (again I think the turkey wasn't as fat as assumed) and got the carbs up some, but need to just eat some more I think. I only took in 1600 kcals yesterday if I'm estimating fairly close to reality.
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