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Default inflamed vertibre & crooked low back

Hey, me again!

I have just started training a client who has minor scoliosis, believed to have come on during pregancy of twins around 3/4 years ago. Yesterday she called me as one of her top vertibre in her neck (she didn't know which one exactly) is quite inflamed and really sore, she found out when she went for her chiro appointment, which she goes to regularly to help relieve low back pain (from scoliosis and weak abdominals).

But now she has this inflamed vertibre brought on by something, presumably the minor scoliosis. Also, she has had part of her lower abdominal muscles removed when having sugery a few years ago, which doesn't help anything really!

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good approach to take to help ease the scoliosis, inflamed joints and abdominal strengthening? I've read previously that specific stretching can aid/cure scoliosis, as it stops the pulling of tight muscles on the spine, resulting in it starting to curve. I've told her to do heaps of stretches as she feels really tight all over anyway.

She's been seeing her chiro for a long time now and it's obviously not treating the problem, just helping ease the pain. Any ideas for specific treatments and training would be much appreciated!
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