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Re: Steve
Yeah, I don't find going to a party, getting drunk, getting high, then getting laid and not even being able to remember it "fun." Then again... My definition of fun is collapsing after a tough WOD... Hmmmm....

Re: Daniel
Uh, you don't know our school's track coach... I can guarantee you whatever training program he could come up with would be total crap. He sent out an email today saying that on Tuesday, he won't be able to hold a practice, but everyone ought to run 4.6 miles in 30:00 on their own. That's faster than half the team's race pace.

Oh, and there's a 5k race the next day.

How much running per week do you recommend? I forgot to mention that my warm-up would have a 400-800m in it, depending on the day. I think a few quality intervals would do me better than a high volume of garbage.
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