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Originally Posted by Troy Archie View Post
I've been thinking lately: If I fasted for about 20 hours and then drank a liter of olive oil, what would happen?

Stomach problems aside, you'd have no/little insulin in your blood stream from the fast plus there'd be no insulin spike from the oil. The calories would go to feed you but you'd theoretically gain no fat correct?

This makes me think about fasting for about 18h, putting down a bunch of olive oil, protein(eggs, chicken, tuna), coffee, no carbs and going for a strength session...finish the session off with some carbs and protein and no fat...

Curious about your strategy? I find that the only time I'm looking for carbs is
around a workout. Some before, a lot after. It's the times where there is no need for that fuel that I stay carb free.

Having said that, with the advice of others from this site, I've been doing something pretty similar to what you talked about. Staying insulin free most of the time. fat and protein for most of my calories. I believe it's been the best combination thus far. I am however extremely diligent about getting PWO carbs when I follow this eating protocol. And getting carbs in my following meal is also a must. To answer whether or not your approach could lead to fat storage, the experts will say for sure, but, no insulin shouldn't promote fat storage.

Try it, I think you'll like the way it works. The only thing that maybe tough is a stomach full of meat and oils sitting through a workout.
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