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James Evans
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Long winded excuse here.

I put myself in hospital exactly 12 months ago doing this

Powerclean 60kg 10 reps
Push up 15 reps
5 rounds

They thought I'd blown my brain open. My max powerclean was 80kg for a single but something went in my head on about the 3rd rep.

I have been very, very careful since then and have avoided heavy weights.

But back on it now and put 73kg up for a single last week. And thanks to advice from Peter and Starting Strength my rack is getting far more respectable. I've also learnt that 5x3 at 50-55kg fast is better training than the grinding through 3 sets of 10 at 70kg I used to do in my uneducated past.

Also put a clean grip powersnatch up at 45kg which I was chuffed about. Shoulder tricky at moment but will build on that.

Steven, I hear you on the squat set up at home problem. I squat like a girl.
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