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Jonas Lind
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Current stuff:
-Just did a sub 5 min(4:48)"Fran" after not being able to do 1 rep with the rx'd Thrusters when I first started CF(spring '06).
-A over 500 score of "Tabata Something Else" with 511
-2xBW Deadlift with 130kg(at BW64kg)
-Did a "Diane" as rx'd(16mins) recently and I'm very happy with just that.

Most important future goal is 2xBW Squat. THAT is the hardest and for me and it will take a while...
Otherwise I want to do a sub 60sec 400m run(currently 1:08 with no training). 15 reps of BW Overhead Squats. And all the stuff on the CFNorth Athletic Skill standard level 3...
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