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Catherine Imes
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Actually 8 rpm is a moderate pace in the LCC&J. 13-15rpm is very fast assuming you're getting clean lockouts. At the last AKC cert, I did a minute test to see how many clean reps I could do with 2 - 16kg bells..14 is what I got. The guys that witnessed it (Eric L mentioned in Scott's program) said it didn't look like I could go any faster.

It all depends on your goals. If you have a goal of getting clean lockouts on the snatches, then 30-32rpm is about as fast as you are going to go. That's fixing the weight overhead.

8rpm is a decent starting pace. I've done a 30 min set switching hands every 5 min (not setting down the bell) with a 16kg @ 8rpm. It was a moderate intensity effort....

The progression is sound if you want a very minimalistic conditioning routine.

The other cool thing about LCC&J is that it will not tear up your hands like snatches can (especially if you are going fast).

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