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Catherine Imes
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Yeah, I just said 8 was moderate because with 2 bells, I've done 57 in 10 during a comp.Which is pretty slow (5rpm..speeding a little in the last min).. World Class competitors clock in at about 8 or 9rpm with 2-32kg bells.

Yep...10-12 is a good pace for conditioning in my opinion with one bell or 2 light ones. Especially if you switch hands. I think the slower pace may be necessary if you minimize the handswitches.

I haven't had any issues with it. Do you think there is something in your clean technique or Jerk technique that may need addressing? I don't feel it in those places (doesn't mean much i know). Just curious. Honestly, even though I'm a good snatcher If I had to pick one exercise it would be the LCC&J with a 24kg.
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