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Originally Posted by Patrick Donnelly View Post

I do realize the importance of competition... But that only comes into play in the event itself, not in the training.
You might be surprised, really. Just like you get better at weightlifting by training frequently around oly lifters, so you get better at running by training with track athletes. If anything, I think competition in training is even more helpful in track than in weightlifting or powerlifting, because you're literally running agianst your teammates. Competition produces better times, and better times produce competition. Besides, even if you never miss a practice on your own, you'll run faster when you're running against someone, no matter how dedicated you are.

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Trust me, that is a huge relief for me. How so? Because I know that a 4:11.5, though it is ridiculous, is at least possible when compared to the 100x more difficult 4:00.

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That's the attitude! If that's how you think, then it sounds like you have the mindset to reach that sort of a goal.
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