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Short rides suppress appetite for a short while, which may be enough to get you through a few hours of fasting.
In the past I was a dedicated long-distance cyclist and every time I'd go over 200K on a given day, appetite would completely shut down for that day. Sometimes for really long rides even for 48 hours.
But it would come back with a revenge, making me overeat BIG time 48hrs later. It even made me adopt the acronym DOH, esp. since I've rarely if ever experienced DOMS in that time, but always Delayed Onset of Hunger.

I'm not sure if this suppression is a good thing. Nowadays I try to get food into my body ASAP when done with training and actually make sure I eat enough before & during exercise. When I do the latter, appetite won't be as suppressed. It used to be I'd literally fast for an entire day even when doing longer rides. Not good for muscle retention or metabolism!
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