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Derek Simonds
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10 Pistols each leg a couple of weeks ago
5 + 20 LB Med Ball Pistols each leg for 2 sets after the 10

Other than that no PR's since before June when I broke my arm. Here are my GOALS to achieve before the end of the year

3/4 BW Snatch
BW Clean & Jerk
200 LB FS (I think I am there haven't tested yet)
300 LB BS (Probably about 250)
400 LB DL (Have hit 335 but haven't pulled since June, this will be the hardest)
3/4 BW Press
Sub 21 Minute 5K on Thanksgiving Day
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin
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