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1) you can wear tall socks or sock-like things. You can tape, but you can't wrap the tape around your leg.

2) All lifters will get the occasional abrasion, but the idea is to do it as little as possible. Because your legs are so long, you're going to have the tendency to start with your hips too low, your knees too far forward, and your shoulders too far back, which will cause that collision of bar and shin. Figure out a starting position that gets you into better alignment.

Also, you don't have to start with the bar actually touching your shins. Place it over the end of the metatarsals (where your foot ends and your toes start). This will give you a little margin of error and allow that bar to travel back into you as it leaves the floor without grinding your shins off. Just make sure you get the weight back on your heels and your hips and shoulders in the right positions to keep you balanced on your feet and pulling correctly.
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