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looks like youre doing pretty good to me!

re: fasting and work out timing:
seems like your primary goal is fat loss, so working out fasted will be better to reach that goal. so far you haven't noticed any performance effects, so keep on keeping on! you can always play with caffeine for pre-wo "nutrition"... its definitely helped with both strength/metcon for me.

re: eating
i would suggest eating a little more ad lib.... i.e., if you are just constantly stuffing yourself, then back off a little bit. if the weight starts falling off you, then reconsider if you are eating enough. a few ppl have noticed less food and maintain/gain muscle mass. i just asked about this is another thread:

i know dr g has also said he eats way less on IF than zone prescribed ratios.

re: possible changes
it looks like you break the fast immediately post wo. two things: 1) to increase fat loss, you could try to hold the fast for another hour or so. this sometimes is tough following a metcon; 2) you could consider having a little less fat immediately post-WO. like have the chicken then, with apple or banana.

see this thread for more on that:
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