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Re: Front Squats
What is the added benefit of loading the weight in front anyway?

Re: Split Squat
I'm not sure I'm following you. Is this it?

If it is, would I be correct in assuming he chopped his ROM off greatly?

Re: Power (Oly lifts) v. Strength (powerlifts)
I'm fairly certain I have the clean and snatch down now, but I would get a video for critique before using it them frequently. But you're right, I probably would want to build a better strength base before working with them.

But would working in the 6-8 rep range be all right for building strength? I figure I'd have an easier time getting my 8RM deadlift from 205 (guesstimate) to 280 than my 1RM deadlift from 280 (max) to 300, if prior experience is worth anything.
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