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My advice is not to let the instructors (if one can call many of them that) push you into doing advanced (for you) tricks too early.

I've never done gymnastics and my guy wanted me doing back handsprings my first time there. Didn't happen--I didn't even go there. No way. I may look like a "big" gymnast, but I sure ain't stupid enough to think I can do that stuff right off the bat.

Due to a lack of teaching progressions, I injured my big toe (hyperflexion to the MTP joint) that has taken several months to almost become symptom-free (even with my access to laser treatments and joint mobility training). I still have not gone back, even with my three prepaid sessions remaining.

I'm going to look into creating an adult gymnastics class with other CFers in Tucson where the instructor is there to teach us what we want to learn, nothing else. Personally I find most tumbling to be a lot of risk for little benefit (as compared to gymnastics strength training).
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