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Default Post-Workout Recovery For Long-Term Health

I was wondering what regular, post-workout recovery protocols you all recommend, specifically with the intent of maintaining long-term joint health. I'm open to pretty much any suggestions, whether it be icing, stretching, nutrition, supplementation, etc. As you might tell, I'm pretty new to this all and am having a hard time sorting through all the info available online.

To give you a bit of a background, I'm 30 yrs old and have been learning the Olympic lifts since this past summer. I go to Olift practice 2-3 days/week and throw in a metcon 1-2 days a week, depending on how hard/heavy I lift that week.

I've heard favorable reviews of ice baths and contrast showers. Unfortunately, my Olifting gym has no shower (we're a dirty bunch) and it can take up to 50 minutes to get home via subway.

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