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We have probably all heard about it by now....or seen the predecessors such as Golgi juice or Noni Juice. I trust no MLM.....and keep getting approached by people for when a friend of mine wanted me to debunk it...I said sure no problem....

Here's what I claims EFA's and Amino Acids....yet there are 0 grams of fat or protein on the claims the wonderful antioxidants...but it has 60mg a serving of Vit C....and of course the mysterious phytonutrients....

Now after alot of web digging...I came across what seems to be the active ingredient that makes it work, something called Celadrin? What is killing me is all these so called testimonials in forums and all over the place about getting off BP meds, no more pains, etc..etc...Of course they are self testimonials...and I know they are selling the stuff...but would they be so low as to lie...all of them?

Anyways...I am not selling this stuff but I want an honest look at this active ingredient....if anyone can figure it out, please enlighten me....

I like where it says
Celadrin® works similar to, but much more dramatically than the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA from fish oils.
and how is that exactly?? and are those real studies proving it works??

Have fun with this one....
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