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Originally Posted by Scott Kustes View Post
Great...thanks Allen. So for someone coming from the typical clunky running shoes, what would you recommend? The 7.0s? 5.0s? Trainer or runner?

What will you be using them for? If it's just straight running the runners are a bit lighter and there is less "stuff" on the shoes too. However if it's for all kinds of different training I'd say the trainers since I do feel like the strap is helpful.

The numbers are supposed to be a scale between regular shoes(10) and being barefoot(0). I actually just started with a 5.0 at the time 7.0's didn't exist yet. There are also guidelines in the show box that I'd recommend you follow. My feet were kind of sore the first few weeks and I had to definitely adjust the way I ran.

I love these shoes and going back to "regular" sneakers is pretty uncomfortable.

Right now I wear my 5.0 and 7.0 trainers for met-cons, and everyday type shoes. I only wear my 5.0 runners for running and sprinting. I wear wrestling shoes for lifting.
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