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Steve Shafley
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Default Exercise response in fasted state

Are there any references that deal with the response to resisitance exercise while in a fasted state?

DeVany asserts that PostWO meals defeat the purpose of the exercise, i.e. build muscle, lose fat.

Contrary to this, many feel PostWO meals enhance/speed recovery. What kind of PWO meals should be considered, in that case, and what would the optimal window of consumption be post-workout?

Would there be any benefit to small amounts of protein ingested prior to training in a fasted state? I know that some studies have indicated that there is a positive impact on protein synthesis and positive nitrogen balance.

I guess the geist of this is, if I were to exercise in a fasted state should I:

1. Eat a small amount of protein pre-workout?
2. Break the fast immediately after?
3. Break the fast after a waiting period (say, an hour)?
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