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Duncan Swain
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Default Stretching/Injury

Greg - I've been very impressed with your recent stretching features in the Performance Menu and have been trying out your ideas. I've had very tight hamstyrings for a long time now and this situation was made worse by spinal surgery a couple of years ago that fused my L5/S1 joint. Nothing I do has made any difference to my hamstring flexibility, I've been trying lots of different techniques/advice from Pilates to chiropractors to osteopaths. My question is - how severely will hamstring inflexibility hinder me in Olympic lifts in particular, and what should I look out for in particular to avoid injury when O lifting? I'm thinking obviously that squats and deadlifts are th biggest dangers? I can air squat happily (and have been frequently and deeply for 7 or 8 months now), but haven't tried deadlifts at all yet. Hoping someone can help/advise.
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