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Steve Shafley
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It's good stuff, and a great primer on prepping for the sport. I'd like to see something coherent implemented across the levels, both for the competitive sides and just the "have-fun" club sides.

If I went back, I'd need to get down to a significantly lower bodyweight, mostly because of the running requirements, and my sore knees. I played flanker for a long time, until everyone noticed that I was stronger and better at prop than the guys playing props. Did a stint at 8, which was ok, fun, but not quite playing to my strengths.

I always felt sorry for collegiate age props when they went up against the older (think late 20s, to early 30s) props from the more senior clubs around the state. It was kind of like putting a fat, roly poly puppy in the same cage as a game bullmastiff.

The hits...oh yes, the hits. I'm much more brittle now than I was. I'd be seriously banged up after a game, not just due to my own tackling, but I was always a big proponent of the second and third phases of play while keeping the ball in the forwards.
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