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Have you read the Diabetes Solution of Dr. Bernstein?
I'm sure he will be able to give you answers to things you didn't know already if you haven't read it yet.
I'm in the process of reading it so can't give definite answers here.

Like David says I'm guessing you'll be OK as long as you keep a very close eye on your blood glucose numbers and eat something when it dips too low.
I'm assuming that since you are on a Paleo diet already you'll have less problems transitioning into an IF. Not sure whether that 8hr eating window would be 'a slow start'.

The only caveat is that if you would like to indulge in more carbs like many people tend to do on an IF that don't do Paleo, is that blood sugar levels may remain too high throughout the night and then you can fall into a hypoglycemic state while asleep.
From the Bernstein book I've understood that it is very important to eat more or less similar amounts of P/C every meal (fats can change as they don't influence bs-levels). If you take that into account you may be fine. Just try.
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