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Ran a 800m today. 2:40. Not nearly good enough! The first lap was terrible for some reason, coming in at ~1:25, the second one was much better.

In regard to weight gain, I reweighed myself last night (at my usual time, after I've eaten fully), and came in at 170 pounds. A few weeks ago I weighed ~178. It seems I've been slimming down significantly with Paleo/IF, and I have been able to tell the difference.

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I figure I'd have an easier time getting my 8RM deadlift from 205 (guesstimate) to 280 than my 1RM deadlift from 280 (max) to 300, if prior experience is worth anything.
Wow. I tested my 8RM deadlift today and managed to hit 235. That's much better than I had expected... Maybe next week I'll test my 1RM too.
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