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Kevin Perry
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Oct. 17th

WU: 2 rounds of 5kb Cleans, 5 kb swings, and 50 rope jumps (so nice having Kb at home)

WOD: Fran scaled with 65lbs

21 - 15 - 9 reps of Thrusters and Pullups

Time: 8:25 wore me out like no other.

Glad I subbed 65 for 95. Both pullups and thusters toop me two sets to complete for the 21 and 15 reps. Ill keep working with 65 and slowly make my way up to 95 as Rx'd. Definately want to keep focusing on strength building through the wods.

Tomorrow may or may not have time for WOD: Going to Charlotte tomorrow to see what options the Prior Service Recruiter will give me.
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