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Originally Posted by Eric Jones View Post
After trying many variants and ways of cooking (haha pun) different dietary approaches to gaining mass, I am going to go with a new method.

First, i tried the Zone (18 blocks, I'm was about 160lb, 13%BF), got way too lean too fast, then went up to 26 blocks 3x fat, went up t0 165/10% and stalled, then tried Paleo/IF - 16fast/8eat and got up to my current 170 ~9-10%bf. Now I'm stalled again. I train hard mixing CF, slow and O lifts, Air Force PT, and now Jiu-Jitsu. The training will remain mostly consistent, but I am willing to drop some CF metcon for more O-Lift work.

As much as I hate to say it, I think I will need to stop IFing. I've been doing it since early summer and love it. I still put on muscle and lots of strength while on it and have never felt healthier. Recently I just haven't been able to put much more muscle on. I believe it is because I just can't fit enough calories into that narrow of a window and without lunch and breakfast.

I was thinking along the lines of a seat of the pants Paleo with post W/O carb up with yams and raisins Mon-Fri and a free for all on the weekends. I just dont know at this stage.

Any thoughts?
How many calories are you shooting for in your eating window?

Possibly feast days and fasting days? Like what Chris Forbis did. I think one day was a 5000 cal day and the next day was a 3500 cal day?

Adding a Coconut milk shake in is a easy way to get a lot in.
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