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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
IF is too hard a window to fill yourself up with calories.....but it can be done. Focus on PROTEIN....more so 1-1.5x your bodyweight. You will be amazed how as you find the "magic" protein number you will see muscle start to pile back on. Fun trick, every meal....suck down another 30-40grams Whey mixed in water...milk....half milk/ that 3 times a day and you are going to see results. Of course the only 2 ways to put on weight is less exercise (metcon stuff) and more food (primarily protein). While pwo stuff is good for recovery, I still think it is over rated for muscle your muscles grow all day long and take a long time to rebuild. Also training wise add in some hypertrophy sets of 10-12 reps on some exercises after you do your more strength training.
I tell ya, I am looking into this IF malarky after my meet this weekend. An 8 hour window is short enough to get the benefits? I might be looking at a 1-9pm to start, which would mean the end of my breakfast log posts. Sigh...
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