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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
As far as the IF benefits to gaining can find that:
- fasting has muscle saving you are not going to waste away like people probably fear
- fasting (low protein) combined with high protein (eating) windows should help to increase protein I imagine using 95% of the protein you eat to building muscle vs 75% is a pretty good thing for muscle building

and so's not a bodybuilding type approach to gaining mass but it certainly can be done. I am sure periods of cycling carbohydrates (like high protein/low carbs weekdays and high carbs/low protein weekends) will also benefit to increasing muscle glycogen and therefore more the muscle size associated with a hypertrophy style of training.

It still comes down to calories and activity has to go up and the other probably has to come down. Anyone that tells you any differently is taking hormone or anti-cortisol "supplements".
I'm not looking to body build, I'm looking to C&J more and snatch more, those are the priorities. Increasing this ability while keeping lean would be the way to go. As it stands, I have about 5kg of room to the top of my current class (85kg) but I also know I could lose a few kg of body fat, too.
I guess the ideal situation would be finding myself closer to the 85 limit with a lower bf% and if this IF thing will help, so be it.
As it stands, I've been making PRs of late, both in the classical lifts and supplementary ones (back squat) without much increase (occasional decrease) on the weigh in scale. I think that might come from the unintentional cycling in of lower protein weekends from "social" pressure.
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