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Originally Posted by John Alston View Post
I think that might come from the unintentional cycling in of lower protein weekends from "social" pressure.
Funny....mine are completely intentional...nothing like a week of low carbs/high protein and then going out on the weekend....eating some pizza...wings.....and "beer" load with friends watching football....and then noticing you are leaner and heavier on Monday.....of course all eating within reason but I noticed a positive difference in my body composition while still able to keep my sanity not needing to bring a tupperware bowl of chicken and brocolli to the bar and sipping diet coke.

That and I'm not sure I could trust anyone that didn't drink beer! Ha....

I'm no expert but I wonder with more explosive CNS intensive lifting such as OLY, that if fasting does provide periods of rest for the nervous system (without digestion as your stomach has the most amount of nerve endings), if it does in fact give an adaptive increase in your ability to become CNS explosive through those periods of rest. Of course all guessing at that point.....but I do notice better performance in working out or sports on a completely empty stomach and with caffeine.
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