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Originally Posted by John Alston View Post
Hmm. My schedule only allows me to O-lift from about 6 to 8pm during the week, which would be right in the middle of my eating window. Problematic?

The heavy protein week and carb up weekend is the core of the anabolic diet, too. So maybe going soft core on both IF and the anabolic diet is kind of what you're doing, "holistically" finding a neat medium of the two, to good results.
You can toy with the whole eating window IF doesn't have to be every day or even the same every day...maybe you eat 10am-4pm on lifting days....12-6pm around and you will see what does and does not work.

Yeah there is the Anabolic Diet...MD diet....Body Opus Diet....etc...all this stuff been around before....but definitely there are anabolic advantages to cycles of low/high protein and carbs. Depending on your training will depend on even if you need carb ups that often or how much is really needed. If you do more glycolitic in a carb fasted state all week....then your muscle will definitely suck up all those carbs on the weekend and give that full muscle pump. Again....all depends on your goals. Cycling is definitely the way to go for results and health. I know some people are more fat adapted...not me...but although carbs are low still weekdays...but I definitely feel better after some on the weekends. Plus I mentally still could not handle being 170-175lbs (6-7% bf) even if I know I am lean and mean.....I need to at least be 185-195lbs (10% bf) to keep my level of a positive self image, happiness and sanity....just the way I am. Ironically I also feel healthier around 10% Bf...and notice once I start dipping too low I feel sicker, more allergies, less energy, hence no motivation to get that skinny.
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