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Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
Hi --

I've recently gone from 165 to 183 (at 5'11") and my target weight is about 200 at 8-10% BF.

Is the best approach to go steady state up to 200 and then work on strength and body comp, or should I stair step it (focus on strength at 185, get the body comp under control -- I'm probably at 15% BF), and then do another push at mass gain?

(Besides, I'm sick of eating so much :-)
Since you are 183 and 15% that would be ~155 LBM. Your goal is 200 @9% 182 LBM.

I would recommend getting leaner at your current BW, and then go from there. I personally prefer to stay 10-12% even when trying to gain weight.
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