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Kevin Perry
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Tuesday Oct. 23

Warm-up: 2 rounds of 25 squats, 50 Rope Jumps, 15 Verticle Leaps, 10 Kettlebell Swings

Wod: 5 rnds for Max reps of: BW Bench Press and Pullups

Only did 2 rounds because my stomach had been feeling ill all morning and finally stopped when I started feeling like puking.

1. BP: 10 Pu: 22
2. BP: 6 PU: 13

Im guessing it may have been the coffee and the bagels from this morning.
Food has been a tough subject as of late. My stomach has been real sensitive to a lot of what I have been eating lately. It's a bit of a blessing and a curse because I only drink water and green tea since they calm me the most and fruits and vegies are easier to eat then junk food but meats are hard to take in since I end up getting an upset stomach after eating most meats especially with this week.
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