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I'm doing the CA WODs, also. I do the Paleo/IF low carb as well - but I'm not looking to put on weight right now. I average 17 blocks protein, ~7 blocks of carbs (almost all veggies), and around 125 g fat. (I hate using the blocks for fat) I use yams or squash for PWO carbs, but only if there is a decent volume of metcon work.

Energy/recovery has been good - sleep good, no illnesses in a long time. Bringing the fat up a bit would cause some mass gain - I may do this again later in the winter. It is suprising how little you need to eat to gain muscle while consistently IFing.

Though I have mentioned it before, I have a 30 day food log w/mealtimes on my blog. (today will be the last entry) A few simple recipes are within the log. You can see that I IF most days of the week, but with only 1 or 2 longer fasts of 20-22 hrs.
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