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Greg Davis
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I don't know too much about the condition, but for what its worth I have an aunt who struggled for years with Chrohn's.. like really sick- in/out of hospital.

Finally she now eats a paleo diet and she's perfectly healthy (she does include nightshades, the odd tuber, some cheese/yogurt without problems). No more digestive problems, she's physically active, keeping a good bodyweight etc.

Funny thing is I stumbled on the same diet from reading pmenu, devany, etc. just to improve athletic performance. And she had to use trial and error for many years to come to the same conclusions about diet. When I stayed at her cottage this summer she was like "wow someone who actually eats the same way I do!".

So from what I know from her experience I wouldn't focus so much on the supplements, just don't deviate from paleo foods (absolutely no gluten or sugar- these are the number 1&2 no-no's for my aunt.)
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