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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
If you're getting numbness, that suggests nerve impingement/disruption, so not sure on the overuse idea, but i guess it's possible. might be getting some pronounced enough inflammation to compress a nerve, but that's a shot in the dark.

1. are there any other movements or positions that cause the same feeling?
2. any past injuries that resulted in numbness/tingling?
3. how's your shoulder/arm flexibility/ROM?
4. any pain or discomfort prior to the appearance of the numbness?
I numbered the questions for ease of answering:
1. No numbness that I've noticed before, but I have notcied the last 2 weeks of strict overhead pressing on the last 2 sets or so my left arm/shoulder would feel a bit off, not pain but sort of a twinge, nothing from horizontal pressing/pulling.
2. None in my left arm, I did use to get numb feet a few years back when I would do elliptical for 40 minutes at a time at 6 in the morning on an empty stomach (Thanks muscle and fitness! ha!)
3. Seems to be decent, I have been paying pretty close attention to my shoulders since March and reading up on pretty much Eric Cressey writes up about it. I've done a few tests here and there that I've seen in some articles written up and it seems to be ok, do you have any tests you like?
4. None, actually I just noticed it kind of all of a sudden, it didn't seem to get any worse, it seemed to be along my forearm in my pinkie and ring finger. Next time I row, I'll pay attention to the specifics, I kind of shrugged it off at the time as to not being used to rowing 3500m+ at once.

This didn't really belong in the above questions but it does have to do with my shoulder health, In February my wife got me a KB for V-day and I noticed when I did KB snatches my shoulders would start to "click" (no problem from barbell snatch) after that I started to pay a lot of attention to them in order to address that problem with a regimen of shoulder dislocates, YTWL raises, windmills, cuban presses, scap pushups and other exercises/stretches I found through my research, now when I do KB/DB snatches I experience no clicking.

Thanks for the input so far.
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