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Originally Posted by John Alston View Post
I'll admit I'll skeptical about working out till 8 and not eating until the next afternoon. Maybe it's habit. I'll have to see how things pan out when I try it all out next week.
Do what works for you man. Here's my schedual:
Start fast about 9pm.
Fast untill about 4:30pm the following day (19-20h fast).
Workout at 6-6:30pm.
Eat about 7:30-8:30 post-workout.
Start fast about 9pm.
Fast untill about 4:30pm the following day (19-20h fast).

I've been trying to get all my calories within the same time frame as my workouts. My mindset has been that the calories I'm taking in will go specifically towards my workout and recovery. Good results so far.

I've also been thinking that a short fast, say 15h ended with a workout is equivalent to longer fast, say 20h. Meanwhile long fasts, say 20h ended with a workout can be too much and are something to perhaps be avoided. Instead, a pre-workout meal would be best with amounts of food according to your goals.

I say this under the notion that with the drop in body temp, mental fogginess and so forth could bring a slight drop in performance, sub-par sessions and problems with "getting into it". Personally I've found it hard as hell to warm-up in a cold gym when you're already freezing cold from a long fast.

Just some of my thoughts and observations. So who's finally going to compile all these thoughts and make millions out of them?
Healthy body sick mind...
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