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Default Zone Ratio Tinkering

Here's the deal,

I was on the standard 15 block 40-30-30 Zone and it felt good. Hardly any cheats. In fact I can't remember my last cheat. One's due that's for sure.

I'm 5'8" 140lbs right now with about 129LBM. I still have residual stomach fat, no where near lean and six pack.

I was reading some of Robb Wolf's threads and as per PMJ #17, he says one strategy is to cut the carb blocks in half and add the 3 blocks in fat for every carb block. This should be the same calories. I checked it and it is. I started this on Sat and I was fine all weekend with

I'm feeling sluggish, some headaches, not up to working out today. Hungry all the time. Should I add a little more fat. I still need to lose the fat and then on the Mass Gain program as per #17 for a max 10 lbm gain, but not until I am down in BF. It might just be today

Any suggestion's would be great.
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